The Volkmann Company...

...was founded in 1931 in Groß Kreutz by Bruno Volkmann. Since 1935 electric motors have been manufactured and repaired. After re-privatisation in 1990 the scope of our products has been  much enlarged. The major part of sales is realised by manufacturing components for the electrical industry and in 2009 a new factory building (600 m²; about 2000ft²) in Werder/Havel was established.

Actually the company has 38 employees and 2 apprentices.

Over the course of the years we have specialized to a competent manufacturer of various kinds of special motors, in particular precision built high speed motors. With modern machine tools and our own engineering we provide reliable high quality products and components for large electrical motors and generators. Our brazing systems are well known and used in the electrical industry all over the world.

Our products provide advantageous applications to meet individual customer needs.

High quality and many years of specialized experience distinguish our service. We are certified for the DIN ISO 9001 quality assurance program since October 1999.

Our customers are important manufacturers of large electric machines, generators and transformers. With our highly experienced and well qualified engineering staff we are flexible and can respond quickly to customer request.